More features

The two or four additional buttons on the back of the PS5 controller give you a clear ADVANTAGE. This allows you to keep your fingers on the sticks at all times for maximum control.

Trigger System + Bumper System
Faster Response

You gain valuable time in gameplay with specially built-in micro buttons. The pressing path is shortened by a factor of 3. The key feedback is comparable to a mouse click, which will take your gaming experience to the next level!

interchangeable sticks

Our colored stick attachments in different heights were developed for better PERFORMANCE and more COMFORT. Short for fast movements and long for maximum PRECISION.

LC® Player Pack
LC® Player Pack
LC® Player Pack

LC® Player Pack

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This handy Player Pack from LC® has everything you need to protect and care for your controller. It includes a sturdy case, 3 different sticks and a 3M nylon charging cable suitable for XBOX and Playstation 5 controllers. Use the full functionality of your console and enjoy every game to the fullest.

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